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Innocent and carefree

The lovely babbling Artolie stream that winds its way along the bottom of the narrow Paillet valley is reminiscent of Ancient Greece and has the atmosphere of Arcadia, the innocent, carefree land of shepherds.

The priory of Sainte-Catherine of Artolie used to lie upstream to the north-west. Since the 12th century, the door of the Sainte-Catherine chapel benevolently overlooks this plot of Gironde land that looks out over the River Garonne.
The 56-hectare (138-acre) Sainte-Catherine vineyard flourishes before a panorama that takes in the Garonne valley and the Landes forests beyond.


“ The quality of Sainte-Catherine wines is primarily
down to the soil and the vines. ”

Jean Merlaut

The chateau has been owned by Jean Merlaut since 2013. He is a winegrower and passionate visionary, who seeks out, enhances and optimises high-potential terroirs. More specifically, he manages Chateaus Dudon, Malagar (the former property of François Mauriac) and Gruaud Larose, a Saint-Julien 2nd Grand Cru Classé.


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A team of committed and enthusiastic women and men strive to achieve excellence in their work on the land, thereby contributing to the reputation for quality and enjoyment of our complete range of wines: whites, reds and rosés.

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Our wines have won awards
at different competitions

Côtes de Bordeaux AOC – Red
75 % Merlot and 25 % Cabernet Franc

Bordeaux AOC – White
60 % Sémillon and 40 % Sauvignon

Bordeaux AOC – Clairet
100 % Merlot

Bordeaux AOC – Rosé
75 % Merlot and 25 % Cabernet Franc



Red wines are made from white juice! It is in fact the grapes’ black skin that gives Bordeaux red wines their colour and tannin as the fruit soaks in its own juice. This maceration contributes to our wines’ tannic and aromatic structure. Our cellar master has the skilled task of achieving the balance necessary to extract quality tannins, which will make our wines tasty and evenly balanced.

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The harvest

The fruit is picked between mid-September and mid-October, depending on the year, and then carried to the cellar where wine making begins.


After sorting, the grapes are sent to the press to extract their juice, which is then placed in tanks.


Once the wine has been blended, some tanks are aged in oak barrels, which makes the wine big and long.


After more than eighteen months in the ageing cellars, the wine is bottled on the estate.

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